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technical requirements:

1) the operator will need lamination line into the fixture

2) machine vision detect the relative position of the 2 groups of lines, and calculating the xy offset

3) the system drive where a group of mobile xy offset set of lines on a good bit

4) group 2 line to move to the location of the lamination lamination

5) visual detection position of the mobile will do a visual inspection lamination effect

6) z direction screw driven the grating height measurement lamination precision requirements 0.03mm

7) qualified loosen fixture, allowing the operator to remove the pressure of a good line and put in a new line, failure is to drive pneumatic cutting and short-term and release the fixture discharge

the system module constitute:


fixture module

1.1) fixture around 2 parts, respectively clamped 2 to be laminated cable

1.2) have a cylinder press mechanism driven into the cable, press and hold the two cables, release the operator can discharge

1.3) according to the cable shape well recess, to ensure the operator is placed in the same position and the difference in height (a one in the upper and one lower) stopper determine the same location and the degree of parallelism of each cable

1.4) fixture replacement

crimp products 2 vision alignment module


1.1) discriminant modules, including 1.3 million digital cameras, industrial lens parallel to the led light source and the pc computing distinguish software components

1.2) interception of the above piece of cable appearance shape its position

1.3) the interception of the shape of the rear of the following piece cable to the y position and above the corresponding characteristic point (print font) extends into the x position (fixtures also ensure the part accuracy)

1.4) to 2 xy offset value

1.5) a cable fixture is located on a precision xy adjustment platform system drive platform to eliminate the xy offset

xy travel 10x10mm, accuracy of 0.01mm (closed loop can achieve higher accuracy, but longer)

fixture in an x-direction servo module, jigs mobile lamination position

lamination module

lamination module is divided into send rivets modules, pressure riveting together module

4.1 send rivet module


4.1.1) rivets roll and on the rotating shaft feed

4.1.2) the rivet is interconnected long strip, next to positioning drive hole

4.1.3) the rivets very hard, not rolling gear drive

4.1.4) and the driving mode of the group of cylinders, wherein a set of pinch rivet output terminal, the other group is located on an x servo drive, the set of release, to move to the rear, up the positioning pin inserted into the positioning hole, and the other group cylinder compression release the fixed itinerary, the group of cylinders driven by the x server to send forward, pressed by another group of cylinders in place. the way to ensure that each output a rivet

4.1.5) the rivet front end by the fixture, depending on the product, the fixture will be a good the rivets number (2 rows or 3 rows) and pitch value, depending on the product, the fixture can be changed

4.1.6) driver and compression cylinders at the same time drive the 2-3 group rivet, depending on the product set

the 4.2 pressure riveting co module


4.2.1) the module for the cylinder drives a pressure connector cable

lamination two rivets, pressure 4.2.2), depending on the product, replace the different pressure fittings mold

pressure good cable x servo back to the visual detection position

machine vision based on the good image template lamination compared confirm eligibility lamination, calculate two cable's position to determine whether the degree of offset qualified rivets abnormal

7 lamination the rivet height measurement


7.1) contact measurement, that is, z cylinder drive compression lamination at the interface, and then read the grating height value connection, if you qualify. the pressure regulator can be adjusted to the pressure reaches the set pressure value. the pressure precision pressure regulating valve ensure consistent

7.2) 0.005 accuracy of measurement accuracy of 0.03mm grating maximum height of about 10mm

if everything is normal, then loosen the clamping cylinder, the deflection cylinder drive discharge, otherwise the driving pressure guillotine cable rolling off

9 pneumatic guillotine

9.1) cylinder driven guillotine

9.2) perimeter protection, in order to avoid accidental injury to the operator

electrical system

1. pc lcd display, software, image recognition bit

xy motion control, 4-axis

3. mcu control dio

pc operating software, the status display and control software

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