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latest case

the aim of the program:

automated dispensing glue to replace the manual operation, improve product quality

schematic diagram:


specific operational procedures:

the operator to place the workpiece → platform rotation to the glue station → → dispenser automatically dispensing platform rotated to the solid chemical bits → uv curing glue → platforms rotated to set aside station → platform rotate back on the downstream station

station features:

loading and unloading stations:

operator will glue workpiece placed into the production line and then remove the production line dispensing workpiece placed

station fixture the operator operating time 3s

dispensing station:

workpiece in place, the dispenser head pressure glue coated thread at the camera.

dispensing time 3s

the solid chemical bit:

cylinder moves the workpiece in place, the separator extracted uv generator light irradiation by an optical fiber to glue on curing glue,

curing time 3s

reserved station:

action placeholder for the next process, colleagues such as loading and unloading operator tight feeding time can be used to do the cutting station,

specific model diagram is described as follows:

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