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detection: pcb board cable color.

2, testing requirements: judgment cable color

3, the detection process: on-line "trigger" camera detection output

visual system

visual detection system consists of a ccd camera, lens and light source.



system components

1, the light source


the ring led lighting

2 camera

the high resolution ccd sensor. model: 110s

total pixels: 9,000,000 pixels

effective pixels: 900 million pixels

optical zoom: 10x optical zoom

sensor type: ccd sensor

sensor size: 1/2.3-inch

maximum resolution: 3456 × 2592

3, the computer system

acquisition of signal and image processing.


1, positioning


learning template for grayscale or geometric images and image positioning.

learn and locate objects and patterns in your images.

2, color detection


color recognition of: detecting an image area inside the color type and the quantity of each color, it is judged whether or not the set value.

color matching quantifies which colors and how much of each color exist in a region of an image and uses this information to check if another image contains the same colors in the same ratio.

3, the output

output test results: pass or ng, and location of the error.

control the industrial digital i / o lines on the device to communicate inspection results to other industrial devices such as plcs or pcs.

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