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1. features of the machine tool:

innovative type adopts granite bed structure (moving beam gantry type; granite features: compact structure, high strength, good thermal stability, very low water absorption, hard texture, and wear resistance), with the best robustness, thermal stability and damping features, can effectively absorb the impact force of each axis during high-speed interpolation movement, greatly reducing the impact of load changes on the machine's servo performance due to changes in structure and fixtures. the clever structure design minimizes the impact of vibration and signal interference on the performance of the machine.

in terms of servo drive, it is equipped with linear motor servo drive and non-contact transmission, which is particularly suitable for high-speed and high-precision interpolation motion and has extremely high dynamic performance; in terms of mechanical structure, there is no mechanical wear, thermal expansion of the transmission chain, no backlash, and accuracy long-term guarantee; in terms of system control, the internal calculation and control unit of the system is nanometer level 0.0000001mm, unique control mode, acceleration and servo parameters can be controlled by program, a new open platform, so that your ideas and creativity can be easily realized and implemented, as long as do you dare to think, anything is possible!

2. technical parameters of graphite special machine:


2. graphite dust recovery system:

for the special working conditions of graphite processing, a patented graphite dust recovery system with independent intellectual property rights is specially equipped to make this graphite processing machine even more powerful.

2.1 vacuum effect:

3. graphite special machining sample

industry information

1. main performance points of graphite

graphite has excellent thermal and electrical properties; low linear expansion coefficient, good thermal stability and resistance to heating shock; chemical corrosion resistance and most metals are not easy to react; at high temperatures (at most copper matrix sintering temperature 800 ℃ above) the strength increases with the increase of temperature; has good lubrication and abrasion resistance; easy to process, good mechanical processing performance, can be made into molds with complex shapes and high precision; new technology and increasing mold factories continue to impact in the mold market, graphite has gradually become the material of choice for mold making with its good physical and chemical properties.

the graphite mold industry plays a vital role in human life and development. the development of many industrial sectors (such as electromechanics, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electrical instruments, communications, ordnance, etc.) depends on the technological improvement and development of the mold industry.

nowadays, mobile devices such as mobile phones have a trend of using 3d curved glass on the upper and lower covers.

3d glass forming process:

hot bending with more complex curved surface and higher dimensional accuracy



3d glass hot bending process requires mold

      •easy processing and short delivery period; (electronic products are updated quickly and the pre-development cycle is short)

      •easy demoulding and convenient operation; (there is a certain suction force between the glass and the mould)

      •easy to polish, high surface finish requirements; (glass softens at high temperatures, and the mold surface lacks

      will be transferred to the product)

      •the mold material is resistant to high temperature, does not deform or crack; (the hot bending process is hot and cold)

      • corrosion resistance; (some corrosive substances or gases may be precipitated in glass or equipment at high temperatures


      • no pollution to the glass and not easy to damage the glass; (after softening, it is easy to stick to the attachment or be scratched


      • the longer the service life, the better; (hot bending cost and product yield)

graphite is the material of choice for this type of glass mold. this graphite processing equipment can provide high processing efficiency and high-quality processing surface. it is the first choice for glass manufacturers!

2. why choose graphite material

the structure of graphite:

(1) graphite has a lamellar crystal structure with weak bonding between layers, giving it natural self-lubricating properties.

(2) the sp2 structure of graphite makes it non-wetting and non-adhesive to most metals and glass.
(3) easier demoulding, no need to add mold release agent


the crystal structure of graphite: lamellar hexagonal structure

graphite has good thermal stability:


changes in strength and temperature: increase

high temperature resistance, good red hardness, and strength increases with increasing temperature

graphite material resistant to chemical corrosion


after being immersed in the above chemicals for 2 months, the physical properties of graphite have little or almost no change.

even if corrosive substances or gases are precipitated in the glass at high temperatures, it has no effect on the graphite mold

common problems in graphite processing:

large amount of dust accumulation

based on the demand for graphite for the above glass hot bending molds and the common problems in graphite processing, graphite processing machines came into being. this patented graphite machine is a new generation of machine tool developed and produced by our company with the introduction of international advanced technology. the graphite machine is equipped with a fully enclosed protective cover and a high-performance dust collection device. it can quickly process graphite molds and electrodes, while having high-quality processing surfaces, it can provide faster processing efficiency and higher precision processing dimensions.

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