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application experience

this project detection ipad within the length of the shell and the inner width (as shown)

requirements vision: about 4mm

detection accuracy: <= 0.01mm


8 points, detected from the product width and length detector 5 points to get the data to determine whether each point to meet the size and classification.


different projects for product vision and shape and material, select the corresponding camera, lens and light source

lens: this project vision requirements to about 4mm, and relatively high accuracy requirements are relatively high image quality requirements, priority select telecentric lens, the view through the lens of this project: 4.8x3.6mm

camera (1/3 inch chip size): the field of view has been given, according to the vision and the required accuracy can elect camera resolution of 1024x768, each pixel is 0.0046mm, the required accuracy within

light source: the detection of the edge of the strip of light effect is the best

long on the inside and the inside width are with the installation of such a method



in the case of the two cameras are calibrated, the middle distance can be drawn product within the long and within a wide


calculation principle = (1024 - camera 1 average x) * scale middle distance (camera 2 average x) * scale


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