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after the reform and opening up, many machine tool enterprises in my country still cannot get rid of the shackles of the planned economic system, with outdated concepts, extensive management, low efficiency and lack of vitality. some companies have comple
non-standard automation equipment is a kind of equipment that can be customized and is suitable for every industry. because of its unique characteristics, it is loved by many companies. it is produced through non-standardized production design and in line with national specific standards, so that it has the advantage that standardized products are difficult to match!
introduction: as a large traditional manufacturing province, guangdong has faced economic transformation and upgrading in recent years. the "machine generation" has become the success or failure of many manufacturing enterprises in guangdong.
speaking of non-standard automation equipment, many of my friends would think that this is a non-standard automation equipment. however, when asked about its usefulness, it may be difficult for you to tell why. in fact, when i first came into contact with non-standard automation equipment, i also understood this way, but it is not accurate!
the silicon wafer is the carrier of the solar cell, and the quality of the silicon wafer directly determines the conversion efficiency of the solar cell. the pros and cons of solar cells need to be sorted through testing, but for bad solar cells, how to sort and control the production process? the following is the control flow of bad solar cell sorting:
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